The father captain's daughters - Misha Lermontov, after the next duel visited indifference,something similar visits us after dense dinner. Scratch slightly "Mciri", will postpone. Will correct "Bellu", does not go princess. The midnight approaches, and Bellu as yet is not present. And his(its) such insult will disassemble on itself, on princess, on... It is simple, tear bulge.
Also pulls out,another warm pistole after known events and let's in a portrait dear(expensive) to start leaden bumblebees. From soul slightly take off, has risen from sofas, has approached by shaky gait to a place, where the portrait by oil hung. Has brushed away wood chips and rests of a canvas from a wall, and there, the god you is possible to tell mine, picture - present portrait, portrait from a photo in style reversals. If to run off of meters on 7 - picturesque portrait by oil and is correct, large sees on distance. Has stood slightly, lit by the gushed ideas.
Since then Misha of brushes and pistole from hands did not let out, and we were reached by landscapes and portraits from a photo and from a nature, created by his hand to order and so, for soul.

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